Get a Great Internship

How to get a great internship?

The internship has been becoming the most important aspect in the world of the job. Many universities send their students to join an internship to introduce them to the world of business. This will help students increase their skills and knowledge about business. Students can also get experiences from this internship, so they will get jobs easily once they graduate. Anyway, how to get a great internship?

Work with a Career Counselor

If you have to get a great internship, then the first thing you can do is to contact a career counselor at your school. They probably know the best place for you to intern because they have to take care of many internship students before. They also have some links or work with some organizations or companies. Thus, they will lead you to get it.

Contact Your Professors or Lecturers

Some lecturers and professors at your school or university may know where they can lead you to join internship. They also have sent so many students to intern before. So, you can call your professor and ask him or her where to intern. Your professor may also have a link that provides a place for an internship.

Get in Touch with Fellow Students

Instead of calling a career counselor or professor, you may also contact or get in touch with fellow students who have joined an internship before. They may know where the best organizations according to your major to intern. You can discuss the process of internship and get information from your fellow students.

Contact School’s Alumni

Some students have graduated from the schools where you study. So, it will be a great idea to contact some alumni students who have joined an internship before. In this case, you can call some alumni students with a different year, so you will get a few options where you can intern. Then, you can just decide whether you want to choose it or not.

Observe a Company by Yourself

If it is possible, you can actually observe a company or organization that provides internship program in your town. Somehow, the company has no connection to your campus program, but it is not a bad idea to contact their managers to find out if they accept an apprentice. You can come to some organizations or companies and tell them if you really want to learn about business.

Find it through an Internship Directory

In a certain case, a campus may have a school’s career service or campus library that provides information about the internship. So, you can take your time to browse in your campus library or bookstore in order to look for an internship program. There are some internship directories available in the library that you may refer to. Eventually, it is your decision to take the program or you just find other internship programs.

Finally, those are a few tips to get a great internship for students who want to get experiences in the world of business before they really join a real job world.  

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