Creating a Backyard Sanctuary

Everybody wants to have a beautiful sanctuary that they can use to enjoy their day off with family. This sanctuary is a great place to relax, barbecuing, and even play outdoors. You can really take some advantages from the backyard sanctuary. It can be a healthy place to inhale fresh air and look at the beautiful and natural environment. Somehow, the best sanctuary must have some important keys to balance the atmosphere such as water air, earth fire, and space. Anyway, how to create a backyard sanctuary?

Science Behind Sanctuary

Did you even know that a sanctuary can be the best place for meditation. The fact shows that different environments can really give a big impact not only to the humans, but also to all the living things. Our environment really has a connection to human psychology. The soil, the air, and the plants can influence our life. The building placement or location also gives a correlation to our life and gives a big impact on our health. In India, this concept is called Vastu Shastra which is the science of the five elements to live in harmony with our building, and nature.

Building a Sanctuary

Before you build a sanctuary, it is important to consider the five elements which you should balance very well. You can try a simple thing to know whether you already have a healthy environment. In this case, you can grow some plants and let them grow freely. Landscape construction companies can help you in this regard. Somehow, you need to pay attention to the soil pH, the air flow, the sufficient water, the sun, and the area so the plants can grow well and have strong roots. Suppose, the plants do not get these five elements or let say that it does not get enough sunlight, then your plants will be stressed and cannot grow well.

Boosting Positive Energy

When you decide to build an outdoor sanctuary, you may consider the positive energy that comes from the five elements. Maybe, you can try these following steps to get the positive energy for life.

  • Air

The air element will be associated with the northwest and it can give a big impact on your relationship and mind. In this case, if you get enough and right airflow, it will support the communication between people and plant cross-pollination. If you want to balance this element in this direction, you can use a bird feeder or wind chimes. Or you can boost this element by using irises, forget me not, or bluebells.

  • Water

The water element is connected to the northeast that can influence your connection and abundance to the spiritual growth. If you get enough water in your outdoor sanctuary, it will assist your plants to grow with strong roots. To get the positive solar energy and magnetic energy, you may use low plantings in this direction.

  • Fire

The fire element is connected to the southeast direction that influences the vitality and good health. If you can balance this element, it will make the surrounding plants grow healthily. You can boost this element by building a fire pit or you may also add mirrored solar lights or reflective balls to make it stronger.

  • Earth

The earth element has a strong connection to the southwest which can influence your work in this world. If you can balance the earth element, it will give you a good grounding and sustaining quality. You can boost this element by creating plant tall trees, rock garden, or placing a statue.

  • Space

The space element is located in the center that will give an impact to your relationship, career, abundance, and health. This element becomes the center of other elements and makes sure all of the elements are balanced.


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